Construction Time~Lapse

Capturing Your Inspiration


Professional Drone

Highly skilled Drone pilot utilising vivid 4K Video output and sophisticated fly-path control technology ensures consistent, smooth repeatable footage that looks exceptional on even the biggest smart TV

Software Editing

Using state of the art Adobe photo and video editing software ensures that all images and footage is professionally edited making the final products colours jump out from the screen and the videos flow from start to finish


Having worked in Construction and in the Corporate Sector we know how to do right by the client, to turn up and interact with all stakeholders to ensure a seamless and pleasant collaboration between Project Managers and ourselves


Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business and we pride ourselves by being amiable, honest and proactive to ensure that every one is on the same page and to ensure and stunning finalised product.

Featured Time~Lapse

Construction Projects can take months if not years to complete. A Featured Time~Lapse Video expertly, professionally and succinctly filmed and edited moves from stage to stage showcasing the works undertaken in a seamless and silky production, captured in superb 4K quality. These feature length productions will capture the progress in a visually appealing and cinematic way, providing a piece of visual history that will never age through time.

A Featured Time~Lapse Video will be viewed long after the cement has dried and the carpets have been worn by all those that had an emotional connection with the project.

Time~Lapse Updates

Many modern construction projects have a multitude of stakeholders who feel a sense of engagement and ownership to the project either in a financial, cultural or emotional way. Time~Lapse Updates, produced on a regular and consistent basis are made to tell the on-going human story, bringing the audience along the construction journey so they get a sense of the joys, challenges and indeed setbacks along the way.

These Time~Lapse Updates are designed for digital platforms and Social Media to help increase awareness and engagement from the very first dig to the final unveiling